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You need to know to prepare your trip

April 13, 2020 by virtuose
  • It’s recommended to pre check in using the following link or the app:   las palomas resort and press the check in button.  You will need the confirmation letter number you received from Ground Floor Specialists, the last name as written on the confirmation letter and the zip code you used to make the reservation


  • If  you don’t pre check in they will ask the following information at the front desk:
  • Each guest name
  • All vehicules information : brand, model, color, licence plate
  • The credit card you used to pay for your stay
  • Same card will be used to hold the security deposit in case of damages to the condo and/or its content. The hold will be released once the condo is inspected when you check-out if no damages or losses occur
  • The card holder must be the person who makes the check in, pays for the reservation and the one that leaves the security deposit, other person won’t be allowed.
  • They will propose you to open an «Open tab : food and beverage credit » to use during your stay

Have a quick look to make sure there are no damages; if you notice something please dial 0 and  report it right away

The resort is responsible for any immediate maintenance issues, please dial 0. If the resort doesn’t respond within reasonable time to your request please email us

The resort is responsible for housekeeping; for cleaning issues please dial 0. Please be demanding with the resort and housekeeping. On the other hand, if the cleaning lady does a good job, we suggest you tip a bit.

Daily cleaning (new procedure):

As you may know many of our operational procedures required changes to comply with the guidelines and protocols due to Covid-19, including the requirement for limited entry into the units by resort personnel while occupied by Guests.

This includes changes with Daily Maid Service.  With the re-opening of the resort, we are no longer entering units specifically for cleaning purposes unless the Guests “authorize” this service.

The new procedure being followed for scheduling Daily Maid Service is:

  • At Check-In, the front desk will ask the Guests if they would like the Daily Maid Service and note their preference on the reservation for Housekeeping.
  • If no note is on the reservation, Housekeeping or Customer Service will make a courtesy call to the Guests asking them if they want Daily Maid Service.  Their preference will then be added to the reservation notes.
  • If we are unable to reach the Guest, Housekeeping will check if the Guest leaves the sign on the door requesting cleaning.

Please note that housekeeping always enters the units wearing their personal protection equipment, and they try to have the least contact possible with the guests and their belongings.

They are available at pool house up to the number of wristbands included in your rental. To avoid charges at check-out, please make sure you return the towels prior to check-out time.

New towel system :

The new system is very easy to operate, and it consists of only putting in how many towels each person is requesting. The towel person will scan your wristband and automatically the system will provide the required information, (name, room number, reservation number, arrival date and departure date). The towel person will then type how many towels were provided. When you return the towels, the towel person will type in how many towels are being returned. The system will keep a record of the exact day and time the towels were returned and how many.


4 in a 1 bedroom

6 in a 2 bedroom

8 in a 3 bedroom

They will change the ones on the floor for fresh ones during daily cleaning touch ups

There are dishes, kitchenware, pots and pans, toaster, blender.